Fuseli and the Modern Woman: Fashion, Fantasy, Fetishism

Fuseli and the Modern Woman: Fashion, Fantasy, Fetishism

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This catalogue accompanies the first exhibition devoted to a fascinating group of drawings by the Anglo-Swiss Henry Fuseli (1741–1825), one of eighteenth-century Europe’s most idiosyncratic, original and controversial artists. 

Best known for his notoriously provocative painting The Nightmare, Fuseli energetically cultivated a reputation for eccentricity, with vividly stylised images of supernatural creatures, muscle-bound heroes, and damsels in distress. While these convinced some viewers of the greatness of his genius, others dismissed him as a charlatan, or as completely mad.

By bringing together more than fifty of these studies (roughly a third of the known total), The Courtauld Gallery will give audiences an unprecedented opportunity to see one of the finest Romantic-period draughtsmen at his most innovative and exciting. Visitors to the show and readers of the lavishly illustrated catalogue will further be invited to consider how Fuseli’s drawings of women, as products of the turbulent aftermath of the American and French Revolutions, speak to concerns about gender and sexuality that have never been more relevant than they are today.

The exhibition showcases drawings brought together from international collections, including the Kunsthaus Zürich, in Zurich, the Auckland Art Gallery in New Zealand, and from other European and North American institutions.

  • Edited by David Solkin with texts by Jonas Beyer, Mechthild Fend and Ketty Gottardo
  • Publisher: Paul Holberton Publishing Ltd
  • Number of Pages: 168
  • Illustrations: 75
  • Dimensions: 260 x 215 mm
  • Format: Paperback